Photo of Bill Louden

William H. Louden, MIM
Board Member, Online Blockchain, plc
Founder & CEO, Peer Forward LLC
Professor/Chair, International Business & Logistics (retired)

I enjoy tackling complex problems with technology startups, blockchain solutions, and building global businesses).

The bulk of my career has been envisioning and developing innovative products and startups. As an early Online and Internet services pioneer, I've been at the forefront of commercializing emerging technologies since 1979, such as, the first consumer email (trademarked in 1983 and later released into the public domain), and the first online communities in 1981, now called 'social media,' which I then dubbed forums.

I liken my role as an architect or carpenter, inspiring and mentoring my peers and staff to dream the impossible, to build the practical, and to push the envelope of the deliverable. I am most excited when given a blank whiteboard and a problem to be solved, a challenge to be overcome, a team to build, with the freedom to blaze new pathways into the unknown.

My alma mater of companies include:

  • Tandy Computers
  • CompuServe
  • GEnie, a division of General Electric
  • Delphi Internet, acquired by News Corp.
  • Delphi UK, in partnership with The London Times
  •, acquired by CBS Sportsline
  • Peer Forward
  • Austin Community College
  • St. Edward's University
  • Online Blockchain, plc